Colchester Art Society
founded in 1946


18 summer exh
The Colchester Art Society was formed in 1946 for the promotion of the visual arts. It has maintained a lively programme of exhibitions and other activities for nearly 70 years.
Membership is open to all who practice or have an enthusiasm for the visual arts. We currently have over 200 members.
We hold two major exhibitions each year in Colchester, which are open to members and non-members and are subject to selection. There are also talks, visits and informal social events.
Members are kept informed of our activities via a newsletter, email circulars and our Facebook page 



18 nbPeter Brown

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This year’s exhibition was rather different from our usual ones. So we want to hear what people thought about it.

Did you take part or visit this exhibition?

What did you think about it?

Should we do it again in two years’ time?

Please email your thoughts to  [email protected] with the heading ‘Feedback’.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Please send any information for the noticeboard or facebook page via the contact e-mail for Colchester Art Society,

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