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David Marshall

 Growing up in Walton on the Naze I developed a passion for the seashore in all its many varieties: The cliffs and beach, the tidal mudflats, the snaking creeks and the winding sea walls; all beneath a wide sky full of the East Wind roaring in from the sea. It was only when I left the coast and put distance between myself and the Essex shore I came to realise this passion in a series of paintings of the fore-shore in many of its moods; incorporating sand, pebbles, straw and saw-dust to recreate its textures.
Summer expeditions to Suffolk took me to Shingle Street, Bawdsey or Orford with a sketching easel and paints, resulting in on the spot sketches which I later 'worked up' in the studio. In the winter I would go to the coast with a camera and produce photographic montages to work into the larger pictures. It seems necessary to distance myself from the subject matter to build images I hope contain the essence of the sea shore.

In recent years aspects of the Essex/Suffolk bordershave become appealing. Particular landscapes of open fields and skies seenwhile travelling to and through inland towns and villages have crept into myconsciousness and on to my canvasses.

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mbg David Marshall

Benton End

mbg David Marshall Overgang Lane

Overgang Lane, towards the Beacon

David Marshall Brett at Layham

Brett at Layham

 mbg David Marshall Calm before the storm Holbrook

Calm before the storm, Holbrook

 mbg/David Marshall/In from the East

In from the East

 mbg/David Marshall/Lower Raydon

Lower Raydon c


mbg/David Marshall/Lower Raydon 3

Lower Raydon 3 

mbg/David Marshall/Winter Seascape

Winter Seascape