Members Gallery - Annie Bielecka

Annie Bielecka

Annie is a Wivenhoe based artist/maker who works in textiles and paint.

She uses highly decorative techniques crossing boundaries between fine and applied art.  

2017  has been a busy year. She has had a successful solo retrospective exhibition "Sea and Mountains" in Croesor, Snowdonia.  

Her painting " 'Grace' - The Suffering of Women at a Time of War" was featured in Lee Karen Stow's (photojournalist) prestigious exhibition at the Welsh Senate in Cardiff  at the 'Women,War and Peace' Exhibition. 

A film of her work was featured on BBC Wales TV and  interviews on BBC Radio.

More locally, she has recently shown at the Nottage Maritime Institute "Threads" exhibition.

This led to her work being featured on film for the "Just HandsOn TV" textiles company.

Details of the extent of her experience and variety of work can be seen on her website.

 mbg/Annie Bielecka/Looking-over-Snowdonia-Menai-Straits

Looking at Snowdonia over the Menai Straits, Gwynedd 31 x 66cm

 mbg/ Annie Bielecka/Ice-Lava-and-Rock-Iceland

Ice, Lava and Rock, Iceland 22x25cm

 mbg/Annie Bielecka/Borth-Y-Gest-Gwynedd 

Borth Y Gest, Gwynedd 29x113cm

 mbg/Annie Bielecka/Landscape-Sunset

Landscape (Sunset) 20x40cm

 mbg/Annie Bielecka/Arrowslit-Harlech-Castle

Arrowslit, Harlech Castle, Gwynedd 40x16cm

 mbg/Annie Bielecka/Count-Basie-1998

Count Basie Chalk and charcoal 61x61cm

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