Members Gallery - Melvyn King

Melvyn King

My work has always been predominantly landscape based, but hopefully with a sound  underpinning of abstract design. I embarked on my Red Crag series as a way of extending my interest in landscape by bringing the abstract elements to the fore, thus freeing myself from the often problematic placing of the horizon and the division between land (or sea) and sky.  I have always loved the earth colours: iron oxide, ochre, umber, offset by blues and greens and intense vermillion. These are the colours that I find in the landscape that surrounds me in N.E Essex, particularly In Harwich and Walton-on-the-Naze. I apply the paint quite freely and intuitively, layering up pigments and textures and then, in chosen areas, scrape back to the support and start the process again to give a notion of layering, depth and erosion and perhaps an idea of the passing of time

Members Gallery - M.King - Carbon Crag

Carbon Crag,  oil on canvas,  25 x 25 cm

 Members Gallery - M.King - Crabknowe Fleet

Crabknowe Fleet.  Oil on canvas  90 x 90 cm

Members Gallery - M.King - Erratica 

Erratica. oil on board 25 x 25 cm 

Members Gallery - M.King - Red Crag The Origin

Red Crag, The Origin oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm 

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