About us

The Colchester Art Society was founded by a group of artists based in the Colchester School of Art in order to foster an interest in art. Amongst the earliest members were John Nash, Cedric Morris, Lett Haines, Henry Collins, Roderic Barrett, to name a few.                                                         

Our objectives are to:                                                                                                                                       Stage open public exhibitions of recent artworks.                                                                                         Encourage a general appreciation of the visual arts.                                                                                 Sponsor public lectures on art.                                                                                                

The Society organises a summer and a winter exhibition each year. These include both 2D and 3D works, as well as unframed works and cards. Both exhibitions are open but subject to selection by a Panel elected by the members. Additional exhibitions are organised from time to time.      

Other activities include talks, coach trips to a variety of venues of art interest and informal social gatherings. A newsletter is published every four months.

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We own a Permanent Collection of some 70 fine art works, which may be borrowed by members.     

The Society is governed by a General Committee, which administers policy set by the AGM.           

President: Simon Carter                                                                                                                           Chairman: Bryan Whiteley                                                                                                                             Secretary: Pauline Fletcher