Members Gallery - Abbie Cairns

Abbie Cairns works with aspects of the everyday, exploring the use of text and symbols. Cairns often uses automatic techniques when creating her work, particularly taking inspiration from the Surrealists automatic writing techniques. Cairns’ practice intends on engaging the audience; either physically or mentally, wanting to encourage thought and conversation and occasionally participation

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mbg Abbie Cairns Stitched Words








‘Stitched Words’
Hand stitched automatic writing
Thread on calico
mbg Abbie Cairns We Doing This
‘We Doing This’
Video of automatic writing being completed alongside a hand painted sign baring a quote taken from the automatic writing being completed in the video
Video and Sign (acrylic on paper) Installation 
mbg Abbie Cairns 200 years Later
‘200 Years Later’
Video work following a derive around Wivenhoe Park
Video Installation
mbg Abbie Cairns Glitched
Video art exploring the breakdown of the Facebook ‘Like’ with the use of glitching
mbg Abbie Cairns Like
Large scale piece repositioning the Facebook ‘Like’ into the real world
Installation; Tape on wall
mbg Abbie Cairns Instructional Art
‘Instructional Art’
An example of audience members completing instructions to write the letter ‘A’, taken from my series of instructional based works
Marker on Postcard


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